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We  are an independent, London-based consultancy specialising in business, communication and digital services. Bringing over 20 years of experience of working with businesses and organisations in multiple sectors we work with you to add value, accelerate growth and achieve business goals.

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We work to deliver flexible, agile business solutions in four key areas: business (planning, alignment and review); risk and reputation; communication and branding; web and online and offer training, workshops and digital solutions across these.

Working to your brief we can carry out research, run workshops or focus groups, interview key stakeholders, analyse and interpret findings and provide feedback, plans and solutions to make your business work better. Projects range from a few hours to continued support over a period of months or years.


Putting your business first, delivering great results


Cost-effective solutions to business problems


Agile, flexible future-proofed solutions 

Trusted Consultancy

Client-focussed, by employing vision, objective strategic thought and internal and external perspective, we build strong, lasting relationships as they mature, evolve and grow. Relationships that are built on quality, trust and understanding, adding value to your business. 

Judy Gilfoy

Supporting clients, sourcing requirements, maximising business potential and growth

Judy is a highly-experienced programme and transition manager. She has worked with a diverse range of companies and stakeholders in the IT industry (across multiple countries) to deliver strategic business outcomes.

With a keen interest in technology and software Judy has a strong focus on supporting and enabling clients in the public and private sectors to maximise their business potential through the adoption of new technologies and agile solutions. Cost-effective quality solutions that work for the client, add value to their business and facilitate growth. 

Judy is a Mathematics and Statistics graduate. She began her career in the London group of County and Crown Courts.

Sandra Hutchinson

Articulating vision, analysing need, communicating business

Sandra is a published communications specialist with a keen interest in tech and a passion for helping business grow by harnessing the power of communication and working strategically to best practice enabling business development.

She has worked with and alongside a variety of organisations in the public, private, military and charity sectors undertaking diverse leadership roles ranging from communications director to co-founder and  business lead of a collaborative careers initiative. This included working alongside academics developing an AI platform and with blue-chips to produce independent, insightful company reviews,  

Sandra is a graduate Economist specialising in statistics and econometrics with a PGCE in maths and computing. 

Some of our work

We understand and appreciate that many clients like their working relationships to remain confidential.