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Your Business Identity

Creating competitive edge

Brand uniquely conveys your business identity, values  and personality. It is the essence of what you are about and how you want others to view you.

Creating, updating, reviewing, auditing or aligning your brand and brand strategy is Just Business Sense.

Brand – part of our communication services


‘With a keen eye for detail and a strong technical background Sandra worked closely with me to articulate my vision, creating a brand identity which I would not have otherwise have achieved.’


Sarah Marriott – Sarah Marriott Consulting


Meeting stakeholder expectations

A strong brand that is recognised and viewed positively by stakeholders and that engenders customer loyalty is a great business asset.


Creating brand

Beyond the logo.

It’s not unusual for brand to evolve as companies grow. Actively creating a branding strategy that articulates brand values and vision is Just Business Sense.

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Brand alignment

Avoid confusing and conflicting messaging

Presenting your organisation consistently and effectively means aligning your external and employer brand. Any disconnect between the two will send-out confusing messages and fail to engage both external and internal stakeholders.

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Communicating brand

Audience appreciation?

Effectively communicating brand and aligning stakeholder views with yours is key. It’s not just about you, any business partners should fit with your brand, and brand ethos and values too.

Think about the best way and the most appropriate channels to use.

Brand ambassadors

All stakeholders are potential brand ambassadors and can add considerable value to your business or product.

Making sure your brand is understood and viewed as desirable by stakeholders is key to getting and maintaining a competitive edge. Contact us to find out more.

Employer branding


Identity and values

Brand is your business identity, the essence of what you are about and how you want others to view you. It incorporates the core of what your business is and the values that underpin it.

How you communicate your brand affects every part of your business. 

Employer branding

Great for recruitment, retention and business engagement.

A good brand helps attract and retain employees. Organisations that fail to recognise the importance of their employer brand or monitor it accordingly are likely to find themselves at a disadvantage in the long-term.

Creating employee brand

Engage and motivate

A good employer brand presents your organisation as both a great employer and a good place to work. This can result in greater employee engagement,  motivation and increased productivity.

Communicating brand

Personality and values

Employer branding is about effectively communicating your organisation’s values, personality and culture. Brand and brand values should be embedded into the culture of the organisation and underpinned by great leadership.

Employees as brand ambassadors

Investing in employees.

Employees are not only a key part of business success they can be great brand ambassadors too. Successfully shaping your employer brand requires investment in your employees to ensure business culture reflects and aligns with brand values. 

Brand – it’s Just Business Sense

Brand checklist

Does your brand:

✅ Reflect who you are, what you do and what you stand for?
✅ Set you above the competition?
✅ Engender a sense of attachment and trust in all your stakeholders including employees, prospective clients and investor?
✅ Engage your employees?

Have you determined:

✅ Who owns the brand?
✅ Who is responsible for it?
✅ How you monitor and maintain the effectiveness and impact of your brand?
✅ Who is responsible for marketing the brand?
✅ If your brand is attracting new customers and promoting customer loyalty?
✅ Whether your brand has the competitive edge? If not, why not, and what will you do to address this?


If your brand doesn’t tick all the boxes how do you shift from the current position to the desired one? For help with communication or branding contact Just Business Sense.