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Accelerating growth, adding value with integrity and care.

At Just Business Sense we work with you to understand your business challenges, then develop practical, agile solutions to your business problems; making your business work better.

 How we help

 Trusted consulting

 Just Business Sense is founded on three key principles: care, value and growth. Using a business first approach we work empathetically across business, communication and digital to break-down barriers. Challenging the status-quo, analysing gaps and needs then – focussing on future requirements – we deliver flexible, agile business solutions that empower your business vision. Bringing experience, expertise and objectivity we can work with you in a variety of ways including: consultancy, focus groups, workshops, presentations and preparing proposals.


Who we help


We are ideally placed to help start-ups and scale-ups as well as established companies seeking additional strategic help or support on specific projects. 


Just Business Sense - Working with you


‘The speed and accuracy with which she gets inside the heads of the participants is impressive, this enables her to make insightful and focused challenges that bring out discontinuities, which she then works with you to correct.’

Dr Alan Lush Senior Partner, Barrd Partnership

Business challenged?

Making business work better

  • Are you achieving your business goals?
  • Can you rapidly respond to changing needs?
  • Are your systems and structures maximising organisational efficiency and business potential?
  • Is your business well placed for growth?
  • Are you clear about how Digital First can help your business?

Whatever your business, communication or digital challenges getting a professional insight and practical help is Just Business Sense. Contact us today for a free no-obligation discussion to see how we can help. 

Strategy and planning

Realising vision

Whatever you need – from setting priorities with measurable goals, finding key differentiators, strategically exploring new opportunities through to managing change – Just Business Sense can help. 

We offer a range of services and tailored solutions, contact us today. 

Think digital

Business first, digital first

Understanding and utilising the digital landscape effectively can improve business efficiency and help competitive edge but can be a minefield to navigate.

Strategically planning for business needs, understanding and using the right tools, is Just Business Sense – contact us today.

Communicating effectively

Clear, crisp, confident

In today’s social world how do you ensure you and your staff are communicating your business and brand effectively in and out of the workplace?

Clear internal and external communication is key. For help contact Just Business Sense.

Agile sustainability

Responding rapidly

Any business change requires adequate process for audit, review and continual change. 

Determining, implementing and securing change requires careful management. Just Business Sense can look at your systems and processes to ensure solutions deliver trusted, flexible outcomes  allowing seamless response to future change.

Business alignment

Sharing vision

As businesses grow the interpretation of vision and mission can mean different things to your team. Similarly you may have created a number of brands that you now wish to align.

We can work with you to ensure teams are sharing the same vision, working towards business goals and checking that brands convey the same core values.  Adding value, accelerating growth.

Reputation management

Protecting  business

A disgruntled customer tweets a damaging statement about your business; are you prepared for the fall-out?

We can’t prevent the unexpected but we can help you prepare and plan -mitigating risk, avoiding disaster. Contact us today. Initial consultations are free and without obligation.

Securing your business

Being alert, staying open

It’s estimated that 60% of small businesses close within six months of a hack but it isn’t only hackers who present risk. Is your response plan robust? Are your staff aware of their responsibilities?

As well as helping with your strategy and planning we can deliver awareness training and workshops.