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Whatever the business event, can you access and share information quickly and securely, with the right people at the right time?

Can you capture, interrogate, replicate and interpret data in a way that works for your organisation?

From the simplest seating plan to the most complex management process or detailed minutes, getting information and document management right is Just Business Sense. Get in touch for a free no-obligation consultation.

Information Management

Accountability, transparency

Information is critical to all aspects of your business. Failing to properly manage information can impact on your reputation, compliance, business efficiency, data security, communications and relationships within and beyond your business.

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The importance of information

Competitive edge

Managed and used correctly, appropriately interrogated, analysed and interpreted information can make a good business great and facilitate competitive edge.

What constitutes information?

From creation to disposal

Information includes all your documents, records, reports and data and refers to the cycle of activity – creating, acquiring, using, adapting, interpreting and distributing through to the disposing and archiving of that information.

Document management

Impacting bottom line

It’s not just legal compliance that matters, securing business efficiency and effectiveness is crucial too. Document management is an important and integral part of your information strategy.

Poor document management can seriously impact on business performance, customer perception and your bottom line.

Accountability and transparency

A whole business responsibility

Legislation such as GDPR and data protection means information management and accountability has never been so crucial.  It’s important to protect your assets with great systems and well-trained staff. 

Roles and responsibilities

Right people, right skills

Strategically it’s important to define roles and responsibilities and to communicate these. Crucially each team member should be equipped with the right skills to manage and to understand the importance of the information they create and use.

Securing best practice

Economic sense

Good information and document management is not just economic sense, it’s Just Business Sense too.

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Your documents

Contacts  Communications Records

Document Management 


✅Do you know where all your data and information is?

✅Is it secure?

✅Are you in control of it?

If you’ve answered yes to all the above that’s a great start but remember to think about the following too:

  • Data security. Is your confidential business data secure? Do you really want competitors knowing your business USPs?
  • Version control. Are you confident you’re always sending the right pricing and product information to your customers?
  • Non-compliance. Regulation may require certain documents be retained for a minimum period with financial penalties or worse for failing to do so. Are you compliant?
  • Data breach. Important documents could be on individual laptops or portable devices. Are your documents protected from loss or unauthorised access? 
  • Hard copy documents. Do you have procedures and system in place to ensure they are moved, destroyed or accessed only by those authorised to do so?
  • Storage. Even if just two versions of every document exist you are doubling your storage requirement. Are your systems efficient?
  • Location. Are you wasting time looking for or recreating lost documents?

 Good document management is Just Business Sense. If you need help getting your office in order contact-us today. 

Interrogate  Interpret  Communicate

Structure Manage  Validate

Document Management strategy

Having a strategy is more than just good business sense it’s critical to organisational effectiveness and compliance.

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Control  Store  Secure

Retrieve  Recover  Dispose

Getting your office in order

Having the right IT is key and Document Management System Software products can help. A good system will include:

  • Storage solutions.
  • Check in / check outs to avoid editing conflicts.
  • Search facility for easy access.
  • Audit trails to show what has changed, when and by whom.
  • Version control. Make sure everyone is looking at the latest version.
  • Access controls restricting access, deletion and editing rights to individual users or groups.
  • Accessibility/retrievability.

Good Document Management is Just Business Sense. If you need help developing an information or document management strategy or sourcing tools contact Just Business Sense.